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Network marketing has for past years proven to be the best and easy way to get out of poverty,but still many people have not yet tap into the full benefits of MLM industry….Am going to give you the 8 simple principles to follow if you want make it big through network marketing and i can recommend one of fast growing network marketing that will help you get of poverty fast ,it call ”Helpinghandsinternational” let’s see the eight principles…


1, THE DREAM: What is your compelling reason ,vision and your dream?without it being clear in your mind,i will almost can guarantee that you will fail in MLM business.The foundation of your entry into this business is your dreams.Your dream is something you desire so badly that you are willing to pay any price to achieve it,this is very crucial because you cannot start something without knowing where you are going.write down your dreams now,never talk about things if your not willing  to write them down because by so doing you will never forget them.Always remember that your dream is your motivating factor that will push you to success in network business,note if your dream is big enough the facts don’t count.


2, COMMITMENT: Commitment here just means making a decision and sticking by it no matter what .The beauty of network marketing is time flexibility but remember the amount of time and effort you put in determines your results,how many hours per a day are you willing to commit for your network business for you to be able to achieve your dreams?always ask your self and your newly downline/partners this question so that you can know the amount of effort and attention to focus on them….note the higher his or her commitment the more your attention to him or her  should be,but don’t over push those with low commitment and don;t give up on them too,just keep working on them very soon their commitment level will also grow,one of the best way to grow your commitment in this business is by attending event of your company,reading/listening books,CDs that talk about network marketing,it helps to grow your commitment…

3,CONTACT LIST:This is the most important thing a Networker needs to do .if you don’t a name list your chances of succeeding in this business is very low.Research says an average people knows above 200 people,so write a name list of minimum of 200 names.Non’t prejudge anyone,it has been the biggest disease in network marketing.your name list should include everybody and anybody you know.Write the Cold,warm,and hot list.The hot list consist of family members names,warm list consist of best friends(school,place of work,churches etc),Cold friends consist of those you made at parties,in a car,or by accidentally.

4, INVITATION AND PROSPECTING : Do not share too many information on the phone when you call a new prospect to invite him or her for a seminar.there are non professional invitation for your warm,hot and cold list,Don’t be scared of inviting.for any invitation you to have and always maintain good posture.who needs who more?Your prospects need you more than you need them,good looking,good smile and confident that’s is you with a fantastic unbelievable business opportunity.Remember your invitation should be done short and smart.

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5, PRESENTING THE OPPORTUNITY AND THE PLAN : Don’t be afraid of presentation is wrong or right,it is like a rubber band,you can stretch it anyhow,just make sure you don’t break it.Your presentation should include company profile,services,products,compensation plan etc.The most effective is one-on-one presentation.I can say three to five of your presentation should be done by your upline while you site down and watch,observe and learn. when you want show the plan,please choose the right environment,dress smart,casual or professional,be punctual even if your prospect is not,prospect would always want to ask you many questions,but always say please hold your question till the end of the presentation.For one-on-one presentation only use pen and paper because is cheap and duplicate.Note always maintain your good posture,don’t be desperate public presentation is also very effective….

6, FOLLOW UP : Follow up your prospects within the next 24 to 48 hours after showing him or her the opportunity.This is because people forget,so strike when the iron is hot.One benefits of follow up is that allows you to to handle objections,Use the 3fs  formula for their objections , say something like’i know how you feel,i felt the way also but this is the wonderful thing that i found out..But if your prospects says ‘NO”remember the 4SW some will,some won’t,so what?…

7, COUNSEL YOUR UPLINE: This is very important and very crucial.As a new person in network marketing, before you do anything counsel or consult your upline because this is a journey you have not traveled before so you need the guidance of someone who has and your upline is the solution.your working upline is your life line.

8, DUPLICATE :Whatever you have learnt whatever all you know and do teach your downlines to do same.Duplication is the key to success in network marketing.You have to make a decision that you want to do it,put your passion into everyday of your network marketing business.Give 100% every day and you will achieve your dreams including Financial freedom.

                  “live can either be a daring adventure or nothing at all by Hellen keller

For those of you who want to be part of helpinghandsinternational network business ,feel free to contact me on my email: or Call/whatsapp +233262668275 so that you will be registered…

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