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If you want to be rich, the best strategy is to find a way to build a strong , viable , growing network.The richest people in the world builds networks.While everyone else looks for work.  


 Robert Metcalfe

The power is not in the product or service; the real power is in the network .Let’s look at Metcalf’s law: Robert Metcalfe , the founder of 3com  and one of the creators of Ethernet , is credited with creating an equation that defines the economic value of  networks:


In other words , a network ‘s economic value equals the number of the network’s users squared.Putting Metcalf ‘s Law  in simpler terms , it means that as you add users , its value increases  geometrically.

Remmenber Your Network Determines Your Net-will By Emmawebs

In other words , the economic value of a network goes up exponentially , not numerically.

As a network marketer, you not only build the network , but you actually own your own network. This gives you a tremendous financial leverage.

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As a network marketer , you get to personally harness the power of metcalfe’s law. How?

This doesn’t happen simply by affiliating with a network marketing company ,that’s like having a telephone when you are the only one with the telephone.

To harness the power of Metcalfe’s law , you have to grow the network by duplicating yourself in someone else just like you’re a partner to use the company products or services

The moment there are two of you , the economic value of your network is squared.

When there are three of you ,the economic value of your network goes from four to nine.

When the two people you brought in also develop two more people each, the economic value of your network begins to look like a rocket taking off for the moon.

You’re working arithmetically, but your economic value is growing exponentially.

In plain language , Meltcalfe’s Law means that a network acts as a lever; It allows you to leverage your time and effort.

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Archimedes , the engineer of the ancient Greece  credited with discovering the principle of leverage , declared: Give me a place to stand on and I can move the world.

Network marketing is one of the fastest – growing business models in the world today, yet most people still cannot see it .

Why not ? People might see the product or service , the home Care or wellness products or the telecom , financial or legal services. But they don’t realize that isn’t really the business .

The real business is not the product , but the network through which the product travels ———not Edison’s light bulbv, but his electric grid.

People still don’t grasp the value of network marketing because it is invisible: it is virtual , not material .

You cannot see it with your eyes because there is very little to see.

Its a genuine information —-Age  business model: To grasp its value , its not enough to open your eyes , you need to open your mind.

In Conclusion

”I want to ask you a Question?Do you know that you build someone network every day without been paid,If know is your answer just listing to this my life story.” on 22 day Of September 2017 i went to have my lunch in a new restaurant just near my office,their service and food was very fantastic,i really enjoyed it,so when i came back to the office some off colleagues who did’t see me at our usual point ask me where did i have my lunch and i told them with very nice look on my face how the food and services of the place i went ,within next minuets 4 of them agree to follow me go to that my new place to see thing for them-self. to cut the story short ,Do know that within one week more than 10 of my colleagues have been going for that Restaurant to enjoy them-self,while the owner makes his money while i who introduced them got noting”Build your own Network Today for betterment of your Future

As a network marketer , you might think your job is to demonstrate and sell a product , its not my dear

Your job is to communicate information , to tell a great story and build a network.

That is just one of the assets provided by a network marketing company which is the power of your own network.

I have two of the best network marketing company that has been producing millionaires over 38 years,and in over 158 Countries, that i will like to recommend to you ,if you wish to build your own network ….Click HERE  Or HERE to know more about the Company i wanted to recommend  to you

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