What do you Know About Website and Blog Technology

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website with blog and internet

website with internet and blog

         Introduction to website and blog technology you need to know

In my line of business as web consultant,i come across of many people who did’nt even know what is blog or website or even the uses and importance of them .That is the reason why i decided to come up with these tutorial article to educate my people about internet,website and blog uses and benefits.

Web technology terms you need to know.

Internet                www                   HTTP(Hypetext Transfer Protocol)      Address     Url

Websit                Domain                 Host                                                             Hosting

Let take them one by one…..

What is internet?

Internet on my  simplest way to describe is an acronym for inter-network,or you can simply referred an internet as a network of networks.meaning a group of computers connected each other.


It is an acronym for world wide have been seeing and hearing something like this or


These are followed to access the resources over the web.for example HTTP which stands for Hypetext transfer protocol.HTTP is the protocol used by www relied on.

Address  and Url ?

Is just a uniform naming scheme to access resources on the web.Uniform Resources Location is known as URL.their are used to identify pages and resources on the web.for example if someone ask me for my Url of my website,about me page or contact me page which is, me.

What are the Uses of Internet?

Internet can be use in many ways to interact with people,to make money,to build a business etc…but i will give some ideals where and how you can use internet.

Email,Social media like (facebook,weChart,whatsapp,LinkedIn,pinterest,google+ etc)information sharing,Getting updates of news around the world,Entertainment such as games,video,music etc,Virtual learning /teaching,Online Job,and many more…..


website is simply site of related web pages containing content such as text,image,video,audio etc.

Types Of Website

There are many variouse categories and type of websites,some websites are dedicated to one category while others comprise of a combination of various types all merged into one.

The most common type /categories of websites are….

Static Website :A static website is the simplest form of website in which the site content is delivered without the use of server side processing.The main limitation of static website is that they cannot provide complex user interactivity because they can not either gather information from the user or server content which is dependent on user actions.such can be developed by using HTML,XHTM or CSS.

Dynamic Website:Dynamic website is website that rely on server side scripting to provided advanced interactivity and  usually use a database to deliver the content for  individual pages.An example of Dynamic website is Facebook and it can developed by using HTML or CSS.

Content Management Website Or CMS :Is just a further refinement of the database driven  Dynamic website.the content management  system provides a password protected interface through which users can add ,edit,and remove content from the very useful particular in the case of large site which have numerous contributors some of whom may be working from remote location and it can develop by using JOOMIA,WORDPRESS,DRUPAL,MOODLE etc.

E-Commerce Website:An e-commerce website is a dynamic  website which has the functionality to process financial transactions and can be develop by using JOOMIA,ASP.NET etc

Flash Website: flash is a proprietary software developed macromedia which is used to generate complex animations website such as game….


Blog is a weblog or simply a blog as they are known as an easy to use website which required no HTML,where you can quickly post thoughts,publish,writting,and interact with people .

What Can i Do With Blog/

Blog can be use in many ways such as post short current events,articles to invite peoples thoughts reactions and possible solutions,post photos,post daily  articles/news

watch out for my full article on blog and how you can use it to build your business around the globe and make money…

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial,kindly help me share it to you friends on social media with the social media bottons…..



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