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A prospect is someone who has a legitimate need or desire for what you have to offer and has demonstrated through action that they have a propensity to join or buy what you are offering..



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To get a prospect to register or join your network marketing team is a common challenge majority of H2i or other network marketing partners/members faces on daily basic .Many times the prospects you have spent time and money to invite for a seminar don’t eventually show up on the seminar day.They give one excuse or the other at the eleventh hour,this situation has happened to me for several times and i feel to give up,but when i remember my goals that i set ……..Note your not alone,i have been turned down many times until i found a better way to approach a prospect which am going to share with you…..below are the Two powerful key you must learn and understand if you want to make it H2i …..


1, Communicate the benefit to your prospect:People who have been in many networking business know that what to say to a prospect is a big issue,what you say to them either makes them grab your opportunity or run away from your opportunity that you offer.. people normally ask where are the prospects”no one seems interested in what am saying”the first step is to ask yourself what your prospect will benefit from joining the business.and it is definitely not your services because there other NGO that offers the same are selling to them an opportunity to make more money and also help others.anything aside from this doesn’t  really make sense to your prospects.

look around your community today ,the average person needs more money than he/she is being paid.You will even find a lot of people doing one small business or the other apart from their regular jobs to make ends meet,so your potential prospects are everywhere and in abundance…..But it depends on how you present yourself to them,if you talk about how big and wonderful your company is,they simply don’t care.if you tell them how great your  networking business  is they will show you numerous examples of people whop have done it and failed.

2, Present yourself:promote yourself as a worthy leader in your field.let them know that you will go all out to help them them succeed.give them the necessary moral and technical support,so advertise yourself not your company.

Note’people love leaders,because the leaders makes the company.if Robert Kiyosaki were to give you a presentation on multi level marketing (MLM) opportunity at least 70% of the audience would want to join or sign up under him,not necessarily because of the  speech,but because he is a proven leader in the industry,Sell yourself to them and they will want to join you or your team….. When you practice and learn this two tips ,communication and how to present yourself you will see changes in your prospecting and growth in your team.Is 80%-20% rule,80% to yourself and 20% to outside or prospect .make your communication simple and be bold ,practice self confidence…..

so when next you want to advertise or prospect make sure it is yourself that your advertising and your

benefits…..Helping hands international is the fastest growing NGO network marketing company in Africa now use the wonderful benefits that many people are enjoying across the world like Humanitarian Services,Scholarship services,Trade and Skill Acquisition,Free Cars,Free Laptops etc

For those of you how has not registered please kindly whatsapp/Call +233262668275 for you to registered so that you can help us to spread the good work of H2i to your community,


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