Understanding Frustration

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Frustration can simply defines as the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something in life.




At times the whole world seems to Be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles.

Leon Trotsky once said that life is not an easy matter. you can’t live it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great ideal which raises you above personal misery, above weakness ,above all kinds of perfidy and business. Life itself is designed to frustrate us ,and the only people who succeed are those with an ideal, a dream, a vision that they desire to accomplish and see it materialize no mater the obstacles.

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We are frustrated on daily basis for examples water is flowing through the taps, the light s being out ( in you are in Nigeria you should have gotten master’s Degree on this point),traffic jams on the road, the high price of goods and services ,your boss being an impediment to your progress, the bank unnecessary charges, your spouse not understanding you ,your partner cheating on you ,no money for school fees, the contract being cancelled the lecturer not showing up ,the lecturer failing you because you refuse his sexual demand ,your parent’s dyeing when you are tender age, mockery of your friends or mate, job hunting from office to office and receiving rejections, marriage issues, the phone call dropping, the internet connectivity not working and many more .but most of it all is the Government frustration which is going on in must African countries example of it is what is happening in Nigeria for past two years now with Buhari administration, but in all of that we must not imprisoned ourselves with their frustration…..

But know this 1 corinthains 16:9 Says A wide door for effective success has opened to you but there are many adversaries (Frustrations)

One thing for sure is that Success and Wealth are on the other side of Frustration. Life usually does not go according to plan.The universe mostly will not respond to our desires, needs, wants and wishes. Frustration are encountered everywhere and all times .Realities of situations differ from our wishes and desires. The season of Frustration teaches us the practices of living with the unexpected realities of life. You will grow out of Frustration into wealth and success because it is the experience during the season of Frustrations that make you a better person as you age and enter the period of sage which is Wisdom.

Mastering the challenges of life and being a master to Frustration is the way out of Misery I to freedom. Many people have been beaten to their knees by persistent failures, they have lost their passion and living life by chance instead of by design. As we battle to conquer life ,subdue poverty and rule the world ,the world also seeks to subdue us,and it does so through the season of struggles, including unleashing Frustrations on us .Victims of money and wealth have been conquered by Frustrations but Victors of money and wealth simply refuse to give up when Frustrations appeared in many directions, discouraging and killing their enthusiasm.

Without difficulties there can’t be growth

Those who have seen their dreams come true are people who resolved and refused to settle for somewhere along the road simply because of Frustrations. Never fall into the Frustration trap, keep getting up and believe in your dream and keep going, is the only way to success and to mastering Frustration. Tell yourself each morning in the mirror before you set out that you will never allow Frustration to discourage you from the big goals of wealth creation,success and happiness. Don’t be imprisoned by your Frustration.

                                         No one receives a prize unless the prize is paid..

You need to overcome whatever frustration life throw before you so that you will receive the prize of overcoming it…

No matter whatever policy Government throw before you ,or your environment always tell yourself that I will overcome because my creator has already open the door of blessings already whatever adversaries standing on my way I must pass it….I can be what my God says I will be

Owing a business is one of the best way to get out of frustration. The business i can recommend is network marketing due to it low capital starter up, contact Global web Service for more details on how to start your own network Business

Finally let me end with this ward’s from Nightingale  I quote ” We can let circumstances rule us or we can take charge and rule our live from within, never allow circumstances to rule you .Frustrations test our desires, dreams, aspirations and ambitions .Without difficulties there can’t be growth, without confrontation in life  there can’t be change and without the cross ,there could not have been the crown, without sorrow there can’t be happiness, without pain ,there can’t be prosperity, and without right location and hard work there can’t be success. If your journey is smooth, without potholes, Frustrations and impediments then your are on the wrong path and to destination that offers no wealth, success, joy and fulfillment … No one get to the top without enduring and overcoming Frustrations.




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  • mavis

    January 25, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    Very nice write up we must understand frustration and overcome it

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